Arcade Protocol

Arcade Protocol is a chain agnostic, blockchain powered Play-&-Earn x NFT gaming ecosystem which gives all gamers the opportunity to monetize their skills by participating in any of our P2E modes, unlocking rewards and selling any in-game NFTs they have earned or purchased on the open market.

Because our platform is chain agnostic, our users can transact in numerous cryptocurrencies other than our native XPE. However, XPE will be needed for platform fees and to earn staking rewards.

Our mission is To bring P2E and NFT gaming to the masses, allowing anyone with an internet connection and suitable device to earn from their skills in a fun, fair and safe environment.

The Ecosystem

Blockchain Games

Our mission mission is give everyone the chance to earn from gaming ecosystems based on their skill and time.

Play To Earn games are difficult, non-interchangeable and lacking scope. Arcade Protocol has a better approach that will give the crypto gaming space a new meaning of the term, ‘Play to Earn’. Arcade Protocol, is Play & Earn. Putting the gaming experience before rewards ensures our games are accessible to crypto virgins and veterans alike.

Game Types

Play-&-Earn – Players who hold an access NFT can play any of our games to earn our native token and NFT's for their time and effort. Players can trade earned tokens or invest in NFT's with utility.

NFT Gaming - Powerup up your characters through training or equipping NFT items you have won or acquired to increase your chance of earning from games. Sell or lend your NFT items and characters on the Arcade Marketplace.

Prize Tournaments – In true arcade style claim victory by setting the top score on the leaderboard or competing head to head in one of our multiplayer games and earning from a prize pool.

Platform Features

Exchange (Coin Changer)

The platform will feature a AMM to facilitate the easily exchange cryptocurrencies and stable coins.

NFT Marketplace

The NFT marketplace will allow users to buy and sell exclusive NFT game items and Art.

Developers Kit

Our software development kit will allow developers to connect their HTML5 based games to the Arcade protocol API and submit their game for publishing on

Third party developers will receive a commission from every transaction on their games. Smart contracts ensure this is done in a trustless manner.

Development Fund

All transactions on Arcade Protocol will incur fees. A portion of these fees will go to the treasury in order to be used to further fund development and keep the ecosystem innovative and functional.


Arcade protocol will launch on the Binance Smart chain (BSC) .

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